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Because  the future  is bright
the future
is bright
Monolith Series
Powerful, intelligent and autonomous
  • Electrification
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Communications
  • Signaling
  • Multi-technologies

Redefining solar energy

Contrary to what we might think, solar energy is a powerful and reliable energy source. It is generally used for lighting and sometimes for security and communications. However, until now, there existed no solution capable of ensuring the simultaneous operation of all these devices. Here at Soluxium Technologies, we chose to redefine the use of solar power. We are determined to offer an innovative range of products with unequalled energy production and storage capabilities. You can now operate several devices and technologies simultaneously, knowing that they will work, uninterrupted, without the financial and ecological burdens of extending exhaustive infrastructures.

Our solutions many different applications

Our solutions high performance standards grant them great versatility. They can power many devices, from different technological spheres, simultaneously and without interruption.

  • Electrification


  • Security


  • Lighting


  • Communications


  • Signaling


  • Multi-technologies


Our products range

Powerful, smart, and autonomous solar devices

Our product range allows the deployment of a multitude of services and technologies to communities, government entities and companies while eliminating the costs and extensive workload for the setup, maintenance and modernization of infrastructures. It is now possible to make modern technology benefits accessible while respecting the surrounding nature’s integrity and not generating any greenhouse gas emissions.

Some of our achievements

Projects realised with Soluxium Technologies products

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