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Monolith Series

Powerful, intelligent and autonomous

The Monolith represents the new generation of multifunctional solar towers on the market. Its innovative design allows it to maximize its energy production and storage capacity. The specially-designed solar panels use the latest technology solar cells. In addition, its patented structure provides enough storage space for high-capacity batteries.

Because of the tower’s vertical design, this product requires very little maintenance. The elements, like the wind and rain, naturally clean the outside surfaces without the need for human intervention. Furthermore, the panels’ positions allow for efficient energy production throughout the day, from dawn till dusk.

Finally, its numerous mounting plates let you connect many devices from different technologies. Whether it be surveillance cameras, antennas, weather stations, lights or emergency telephone devices, the Monolith is ready to take them on and ensure their uninterrupted operation.

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Patent authority | US/921,284

The Monolith

A powerful, smart and autonomous solar tower

The Monolith is a sleek and trendy solar tower with high energy production, fully autonomous and with customized smart functions.

With its unique design, it blends easily into both urban and rural environments. Its great energy storage capacity and large quantity of solar panels make it reliable and self-sufficient for several days without sunlight. With its intelligent features and communication system, the monolith can notify its administrator of any issue it may encounter, whether it concerns technical failures or unauthorized access to its component cabinet. This solar tower has been engineered to ensure uninterrupted operation of mission critical equipment.

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Advantages of Monolith

An urban, modern and solid design that can be installed in any environment

Unmatched energy storage and production

Communication range of up to 30 km

Massive financial savings for operating, maintenance and infrastructure costs

Wind and weather resistant

Remote live monitoring

SMS or Email programmable alarms

Uninterrupted operation of mission critical equipment

Our various applications

The Monolith can be used for multiple applications and combined with many different technologies, simultaneously, all on a single device.

  • Electrification


    Supply power to many types of remote electrical equipment like a water pump, a motorized fence or railway crossing lights and gates.

  • Security


    Video surveillance and live monitoring with fixed, motorized or thermal cameras. Enhance safety by integrating emergency phones, public paging and visual broadcasting systems.

  • Lighting


    Several anchor points allow the installation of a variety of lighting fixtures, from street lights to floodlights and spotlights.

  • Communications


    Deploy Wi-Fi and GSM networks and extend the communication range of point-to-point and mesh systems.

  • Signaling


    Pedagogical speed radars, LED signs such as, pedestrian crossing, speed limits or stop signs, a variable message panel (VMP) or an infotainment broadcasting system.

  • Multi-technologies


    The Monolith’s power and reliability make it possible for you to install many combinations of the technologies available today.

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