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SPT Series

Powerful, intelligent and autonomous

The SPT is a solar utility tower that redefines the large-scale deployment of modern technologies in locations where infrastructures are either limited or inexistent. Equipped with PV panels amongst the best performing in the world, its energy yield is unmatched for such a small ground footprint. Furthermore, its aluminum alloy chassis, also extremely resistant to corrosion, allows to secure its PV panels, its electronic components, and the battery bank within the structure itself. This greatly reduces the risks of theft and vandalism.

The entirely vertical concept makes it a very low maintenance device. The natural elements, such as wind and rain, clean the exposed surfaces. Furthermore, the PV panels vertical position allow an efficient energy production throughout the whole day, from dawn till dusk.

The upper section of the structure offers a lengthy 360d surface to allow the installation of several telecommunication devices such as MIMO antennas for 5G networks. The lower section of the structure offers several surfaces for installing different types of security and lighting devices such as cameras, emergency phones, flood lights, streetlights and many more.

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SPT Series


As smart as it is powerful

The SPT is a solar tower with a very high energy production capacity. Its vertical structure can support the loads and energy needs of your instruments.

Its vertical conception assures a constant energy production, from sunrise to sunset, greatly reduces the risks of theft and vandalism and practically eliminate the need for maintenances. Also implemented with smart features and a remote live monitoring system, the SPT can advise the site operator of any issues, whether they be technical or for an unauthorized access. The SPT is a performing, smart, economic, and ecological solution to your energy infrastructure needs.

Advantages of SPT

Unrivaled energy production on the market

Accumulators, electronic components, and solar panels are secured within the structure

Small ground footprint

Important cost reductions for infrastructures, maintenance, and operation

Strong wind and weather resistance

Remote access to real-time performance data

Customizable email alerts and notifications

Our various applications

The SPT can be used for multiple applications and combined with many different technologies, simultaneously, all on a single device.

  • Communications


    Deployment of cellular, 3G, 4G, 5G or LTE networks. Extend communications range with satellite and microwave systems.

  • Security


    Enhance your sites security with a multitude of types of devices including cameras, emergency phones, proximity sensors and speaker systems.

  • Electrification


    Provide power to several different types of external electrical devices such as water pumps, motorized gates and motorized train crossing barriers.

  • Lighting


    Electrical supply to lighting fixtures such as streetlights, flood lights, spot lights, positioning lights and even lighting to small buildings.

  • Multi-technologies


    The power, autonomy and reliability of the SPT grants you the possibility to energize all these technologies, simultaneously, with only one tower.

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