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About us

Soluxium Technologies : An innovative, creative and dynamic company

Soluxium Technologies is a young company driven by its desire to offer innovative and creative solutions to an ever growing need : access to reliable energy for mission critical devices in areas with limited infrastructures.

We are determined to remain the leader in our field and have therefore begun construction of our new head office. This major investment will allow us to increase our production capacity and diversify our portfolio of innovative solutions.

Soluxium Technologies inc.

An exceptional team for a bright future

Soluxium’s team is young, dynamic and experienced. With many years of experience to our name in the fields of electricity, structural engineering, information technologies and business development, we have the tools to promote innovation and ingenuity, as well as the expertise to design and support effective, reliable products.


Our products range

Powerful, smart, and autonomous solar devices

Our product range allows the deployment of a multitude of services and technologies to communities, government entities and companies while eliminating the costs and extensive workload for the setup, maintenance and modernization of infrastructures. It is now possible to make modern technology benefits accessible while respecting the surrounding nature’s integrity and not generating any greenhouse gas emissions.

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