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Portable charger

Portable charger equipped with a compact solar panel that recharges its battery by using the sun’s energy.

This high-capacity charger contains a 20 000 mAh battery with (4) integrated cables and (3) connection ports as well as a wireless charging system, ideal for outdoor activities.

Soluxium Technologies inc.

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Soluxium Technologies inc.

Soluxium Technologies inc.

Advantages of portable charger

Integrated solar panel

20 000 mAh battery for more than (5) recharges

Charge multiple devices simultaneously

Equipped with (4) built-in cables (USB, USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning) and wireless charging

(3) ports (USB, USB-C and Micro-USB) for connecting own cables

Wireless charging

Compatible with IOS and Android

Integrated LED flashlight

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